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    <strong>Security related links</strong><br><br>
    <strong>Security related links</strong><br><br>
    [ Security Links]
    [ Security Links]

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    Welcome to NixSec.

    An Unix/Linux security related site with information about what tools you can use to secure your system and verify it's integrity and also various generic unix/linux howto's.

    8 Steps to Security
    Here is what i think the steps to security are for home, small office or enterprise company.

  • 1. Physical - Limit who has physical access to your hardware.
  • 2. Firmware - See that your hardware's firmware is up to date.
  • 3. Firewall - Limit access from and to the internet.
  • 4. IDS/IPS - Monitor and block threats to your system.
  • 5. MAC - Limit what users can do on your system.
  • 6. OS Updates - Keep your OS up to date and watch CVE's.
  • 7. Integrity - Check the integrity of your files periodically.
  • 8. Backups - Have backups in secure location.

  • What is digital security?

    Digital security is an all-encompassing term for the tools that are used to secure your identity, data, assets, and devices. This can be firewall, selinux, directory permissions, mount options, system hardening, etc.


    Integrity makes sure that the data you’re keeping confidential and secure hasn’t been modified or corrupted. You also need to consider the source of the data. Can you be sure that it is coming from the right person, and that person is who they say they are?


    Lastly, digital security needs to work properly and run at all times for it to be effective. This happens by maintaining all hardware, performing hardware repairs in a timely manner, and ensuring your operating system is free of any bugs, worms, or viruses.

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    Security related links

    Security Links