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    Revision as of 18:54, 23 June 2021 by DJ-ArcAngel (talk | contribs) (Created page with " <strong>Nice bashrc options to secure history and auditting</strong> <pre> declare -rx HISTCONTROL="" #does not ignore spaces or duplicates...")
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    Nice bashrc options to secure history and auditting

    declare -rx HISTCONTROL=""                                  #does not ignore spaces or duplicates
    declare -rx HISTIGNORE=""                                   #does not ignore patterns
    declare -rx AUDIT_LOGINUSER="$(who -mu | awk '{print $1}')"
    declare -rx AUDIT_LOGINPID="$(who -mu | awk '{print $6}')"
    declare -rx AUDIT_USER="$USER"                              #defined by pam during su/sudo
    declare -rx AUDIT_PID="$$"
    declare -rx AUDIT_TTY="$(who -mu | awk '{print $2}')"
    declare -rx AUDIT_SSH="$([ -n "$SSH_CONNECTION" ] && echo "$SSH_CONNECTION" | awk '{print $1":"$2"->"$3":"$4}')"
    set +o functrace                                            #disable trap DEBUG inherited in functions, command substitutions or subshells, normally the default setting already
    shopt -s extglob                                            #enable extended pattern matching operators
    function audit_DEBUG() {
      if [ "$BASH_COMMAND" != "$PROMPT_COMMAND" ]               #avoid logging unexecuted commands after 'ctrl-c or 'empty+enter'
        local AUDIT_CMD="$(history 1)"                          #current history command
        if ! logger -p -t "$AUDIT_STR $PWD" "${AUDIT_CMD##*( )?(+([0-9])[^0-9])*( )}"
          echo error "$AUDIT_STR $PWD" "${AUDIT_CMD##*( )?(+([0-9])[^0-9])*( )}"
    function audit_EXIT() {
      local AUDIT_STATUS="$?"
      logger -p -t "$AUDIT_STR" "#=== bash session ended. ==="
      exit "$AUDIT_STATUS"
    declare -fr +t audit_DEBUG
    declare -fr +t audit_EXIT
    logger -p -t "$AUDIT_STR" "#=== New bash session started. ===" #audit the session openning
    #when a bash command is executed it launches first the audit_DEBUG(),
    #then the trap DEBUG is disabled to avoid a useless rerun of audit_DEBUG() during the execution of pipes-commands;
    #at the end, when the prompt is displayed, re-enable the trap DEBUG
    declare -rx PROMPT_COMMAND="trap 'audit_DEBUG; trap DEBUG' DEBUG"
    declare -rx BASH_COMMAND                                    #current command executed by user or a trap
    declare -rx SHELLOPT                                        #shell options, like functrace
    trap audit_EXIT EXIT